Steve Randall


The Thacker & Randall Group is a full-service real estate team and has been serving Las Vegas since 2001

steve randall real estate agentA founding member of the Thacker & Randall Group, Steve Randall offers superior real estate knowledge and exceptional customer service.

Steve is a Las Vegas native and began his real estate career as a residential mortgage lender in 2001.

By 2006, he also held a real estate license and practiced in both industries. Steve helps buyers and sellers make strategic decisions in all real estate investments. Most of all, Steve is truly dedicated to the happiness of his clients. At every turn, Steve works to ensure your confidence and success. Additionally, Steve is prepared for the unexpected thanks to years of experience.

Contact Steve today to get help with finding a new home in addition to selling your current house.

“I am fortunate to have seen this business from the perspective of a mortgage lender as well as a realtor… and I really enjoy helping my clients make the best choices with their transaction. Each individual has a unique set of circumstances, and it is our job as professionals to guide them through it all.”

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