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Looking to learn more about home buying, selling, or owning a home? Look no further than the Thacker & Randall Real Estate Blog. This section is devoted to providing helpful information to potential buyers and sellers.

Buyers and Sellers

We’re here to help. If you have more questions or you’re looking to get started selling your house or buying a new home, contact us today. We’ll schedule you an appointment where we can meet one-on-one and discuss all your options.

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Sellers Handbook

We also know that selling a house can be equally stressful and have arranged a collection of marketing information and common do’s and don’ts. All this can be found in the Seller’s Handbook.

Home Buying Questions

In addition, quick tips and tricks about owning and taking care of a house. These can be found in Home Buying Questions. We’ve designed this blog to keep you in the know. So, keep an eye out for new posts. Then, you’ll be the master of real estate, home ownership, and even selling