25% Real Estate Agent Referral Program


The Thacker & Randall Group is a full-service real estate team and has been serving Las Vegas since 2001

Here’s how real estate referrals work:

I’m sure by now you have had a family member, friend or client look at buying a home in Las Vegas. We continue to be one of the fastest growing markets for people looking for a more affordable cost of living to investors looking for returns and potential growth on their investments. Over the years we have worked with many out of state licensed Real Estate Agents to help their clients find the best homes in the greater Las Vegas area. These referring Agents have had the peace of mind to know they are recommending a professional, experienced team with over 1,000 closed homes dedicated to customer service and provided the best customer experience possible.

The best part is they received 25% of the gross commission at closing. WIN - WIN!

If you are a licensed Real Estate Agent in another state and have a family member, friend or client that is interested in buying property in the Las Vegas area…Please call us at 702.825.1122. We would love to talk with you about your clients’ needs and make sure you are earning the 25% referral fee you deserve.

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Feel free to give us a call at (702) 825-1122, or send us a message using the contact form to learn more about our referral program. We look forward to hearing from you.

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