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High Rise FAQs

What are the main pros and cons to investing in a High Rise vs a Home?

What should I expect to pay in property taxes and HOA?

Which towers can be financed and which towers are cash only?

Which towers allow short-term rentals?

What is the difference between a “Residence” or a “Condo-Hotel” tower?

Which towers are considered the most desirable, and why?

What amenities can I expect and how are they different from tower to tower?

Consider the lifestyle you want… which towers can best fit that style?

What rules and restrictions in the HOA may affect me directly?

These are only some of the main questions to get answered while you are considering a Las Vegas High Rise. Please call us directly so we can help guide you through the process and give you a good feel for what makes sense for you personally.

We love to discuss the Las Vegas market and are available to speak with you now!